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We create brands, formulate messaging and design visual identities that connect with your desired audiences.

In a world which has become increasingly more difficult to physically engage with an audience, the pandemic has driven a huge increase in online events.

Where a physical event would normally have had 200-400 people attending it, the digital footfall can now be in their tens of thousands. When a brand gets it right, your followers, brand awareness and revenue will increase. However, get it wrong and you can devalue your brand proposition and people will easily unfollow as quickly as they followed you.

For some, taking their event online has been a natural progression over the last few years, however others have struggled to get to grips with technology, digital processes and a general online strategy to not only stream their event, but to promote and market the fact that they are online as well.

Music brands, venues, tutors, product companies and physical events have all had to rethink their online engagement strategy as online events have now become responsible for keeping a brand relevant and in the forefront of an audience’s mind.

AT get involved from the outset of your digital strategy to formulate which platform out of the many will work best for the event in hand. Be it Facebook streaming, Zoom Video Webinars, Music streaming set ups to Mixcloud, Twitch and Instagram can all be considered and delivered. Plus of course the invaluable asset of being able to make them head and shoulders above the competition by creating punchy on screen graphics and animations to lift the impact when going live.

The team has vast experience of managing live events and streams to assure maximum live time and limited off air time.

Outputs include

Stream branding
Digital assets for multiple platform social strategy
Hybrid events
Stream management to multiple channels

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