Bosch Rexroth Sales & Partner Conference

Create and deliver a memorable event for customers and colleagues

Executing a comprehensive event management strategy, from inception to delivery.

Executing a comprehensive event management strategy, from inception to delivery

Bosch Rexroth, a renowned automation solutions manufacturer based in St. Neots, partnered with About Time to create and deliver a memorable event for sales partners and colleagues. With a long-standing collaboration spanning over a decade, we have a very detailed understanding of the brand and products.  Silverstone as a venue was the only option to match the precision and power of the products and services that Bosch Rexroth offer.


Challenges and Objectives:
How do we take a corporate event and make it fun, inspiring and memorable? The venue for a start was the perfect choice to run a 3 day corporate event for networking, workshops, relationship building and of course an evening event.
Bosch Rexroth aimed to enhance team building, foster industry discussions, and provide an exceptional networking opportunity for employees and clients.

The Solution:
The primary objective was to promote team building among attendees while also facilitating valuable interactions between industry professionals and suppliers. Workshops, team building and discussion throughout the day and a lavish evening event to unwind on the middle day.

Concept and Execution:
To break away from the conventional, About Time and Bosch Rexroth chose the iconic Silverstone venue, known for its blend of sports and engineering prowess. The agency created two versions of the event branding to show a clear delineation between the daytime event and the evening. Strict corporate guidelines and colour palettes meant the Formula 1 styled day branding saw us deliver a finish line in the corporate blues and reds with matching race messaging whilst the evening event colour ways were gold, black and red with the chosen theme, a lavish Gatsby-inspired evening, combining luxury with a touch of motoring nostalgia.

Event Execution:
About Time executed a comprehensive event management strategy, from inception to delivery. Our responsibilities encompassed conceptualising visuals and messaging, creating an immersive ambiance and ensuring the branding elements aligned seamlessly with the corporate daytime messaging and more Gatsby esque theme for the evening event.

Key Elements and Features:

  • Visuals: Daytime branding for workshops, room dressing and screen visuals. The event featured bespoke visuals that captured the essence of the Gatsby era.
  • Venue Transformation: Silverstone was transformed into a stunning black and gold Gatsby-style setting, aligning with the client’s key brand assets.
  • Entertainment: A 5-piece jazz band, flapper girls, acrobats, and magician Brendan Rodrigues added an element of excitement.
  • Signature Cocktails: About Time designed two bespoke cocktails using Bosch Rexroth’s brand colours, enhancing the personalised brand experience.
  • Event Management: We managed the event on-site, ensuring all elements were flawlessly executed and maintaining the perfect styling throughout the evening.

Our Impact:
The event’s success was evident through the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from attendees, including Bosch Rexroth’s valued clients. The unique Gatsby-themed approach, combined with meticulous planning and execution, created an unforgettable experience that exceeded expectations. By steering away from the traditional event format, we successfully fostered team building, encouraged industry discussions, and strengthened relationships among attendees.

“I can’t say enough about the incredible work that About Time, our chosen creative agency, did for our recent sales and partner event. From start to finish, their team exceeded our expectations in every way.

About Time not only designed and produced stunning graphics and slide templates for our event, they also crafted a unique and engaging theme that truly brought our vision to life. The attention to detail and creativity they infused into every aspect of our event was remarkable.

The highlight of our evening was the 1920s-themed celebration that About Time organised. They handled every element of the event, from the entertainment to the décor, ensuring that everything was perfectly in sync with the Roaring Twenties theme. It was like stepping back in time, and everyone had an absolute blast.

What truly stood out was their exceptional project management skills. About Time’s team meticulously coordinated every aspect of the evening event, leaving us stress-free and able to enjoy the celebration alongside our guests”

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