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Creating a strong visual brand to launch a new music concept in Ibiza

To develop a strong brand for the launch of a new music concept in Ibiza.

When three of Ibiza’s leading female DJs joined forces to launch their powerful new performance and events concept, they needed a strong visual brand to announce their arrival to the world, one that gave them a completely new identity as a trio, something totally separate to their individual brand personalities.

We worked closely with Sarah Main, Lisa Chadderton and Maxine Hardcastle on developing a brand identity and narrative for La Clique that would allow them to tell their story, from their individual journeys toward becoming La Clique, to their desire to take their ‘roaming disco experience’ around the island, the world and the galaxy!  As their project was partly a backlash to the male dominated and formulaic scene, they wanted it to be colourful and powerful, bringing the fun back to the party.  Themes like third eyes, spaceships and aliens were all in the wacky brief!

The About Time team took references from dance, disco, club culture, its lifestyle and the hedonistic visuals it generates, whilst mixing a little tongue in cheek chic for good creative measure. The brand and visual style was carefully crafted to deliver the crazy, talented and colourful personalities within La Clique.

The About Time team assisted ‘La Clique’ in developing their social media ensuring the brand was carrying through consistently across every platform and communication,  using clever animations to tell their story across social media. 

“The strong visual brand for La Clique played a crucial role in creating awareness and excitement before our launch event at Ocean Beach last year,” said Sarah Main. “The result was a magical, really well attended event.  About Time also managed and promoted our live Facebook broadcast on the day.  We were blown away when we saw the resulting statistics, more than 50,000 people had tuned in from all over world to watch our party, with the knock on effect of a total audience reach of around 250,000. 

About Time also created an after movie of the event which formed a vital part of the next stage of our marketing. Having a strong brand and marketing plan behind our performance capabilities helped to open up many opportunities for La Clique and was a key part of us being invited to take up residency at Heart last year.” 


50,000 views on the livestream

250,000 reach on Facebook

15,350 engagements on social media

1,600 Facebook and Instagram followers in the first 2 weeks

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