MERKUR Slots: DRTV Ad - Follow the Sun and Get the Red Carpet Treatment

Create a compelling 30 second DRTV advertising campaign. This dynamic ad was designed to highlight the exceptional hospitality that distinguishes MERKUR Slots from its competitors

Creating a dynamic DRTV advert to showcase the MERKUR slots experience, where first class hospitality meets high stakes.

The Challenge:
MERKUR Slots aimed to enhance brand recognition, attract new members, and differentiate themselves from other key players in the adult slots gaming centres market.
To fulfil these objectives and to achieve growth, we knew they needed to upgrade their approach with a dynamic TV advert to air on Sky Adsmart, the perfect platform to get their brand seen using precision targeting.

Our Solution:
We created a compelling 30 second TV advertising campaign, titled “Follow the Sun and Get the Red Carpet Treatment.” This dynamic ad was designed to highlight the exceptional hospitality that distinguishes MERKUR Slots from its competitors, emphasising their fun and welcoming atmosphere. The advert formed the central part of a national fully integrated campaign.

The Concept:
Our creative approach centered on MERKUR’s iconic Sun brand symbol and a red carpet theme, illustrating the premium experience awaiting guests. The TV spot invites viewers into a vibrant world of gaming, where top-notch service and excitement of playing in venues blend seamlessly.

 Key Features of the Campaign:
•Visuals and Messaging: The ad showcases MERKUR’s diverse offerings, from favourite slot games to round-the-clock 24 hour opening, all within the setting of the MERKUR World. The narrative leads viewers on a red-carpet journey, spotlighting the high-end hospitality, the slot games and exclusive features available at all 224 MERKUR Slots venues across the UK.
•Storyboarding and Animatic: We created the narrative and storyboard, timing the ad meticulously and arranging design assets to preview the flow and look of the final ad, locking down the voiceover making sure there was adequate dwell time for key messaging sections.
•Production: Following discussions on styling of buildings, lighting and texturing, the 3D world was created. Using green screen live footage (all arranged by us), we brought real-life characters into our 3D world using tracking and chroma key compositing techniques.
•Post Production: With script and rough cut approved, we proceed to voiceovers, sound effects, and music integration, ensuring a polished, captivating ad. Lucy Horobin, known for presenting Heart Radio London Drivetime brings the campaign to life with her engaging voiceover, enhancing the ad’s appeal and reinforcing the brand’s message.
•Engaging Promotions: The campaign incorporates enticing hooks like a chance to win a £5k holiday and £100 matchplay bonuses for new members who register via the MERKUR app, enhancing viewer engagement and participation.
•Tracking Approach: QR codes are strategically placed within the ad and at physical venues, linking to landing pages that track ROI and facilitate customer interaction.

The “Follow the Sun” campaign not only showcases the unique selling points of MERKUR Slots whilst capturing the audience’s attention and driving action. This campaign is a testament to how a TV creative ad can effectively promote growth, brand awareness and customer loyalty in a competitive industry.

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