ATI Conference - Destination Zero 2023

Creating a dynamic event experience for the Aerospace Technology Institute

Delivering a unified brand and marketing strategy to boost online Interaction, propel ticket sales, and offer an unforgettable live event experience

  • ClientAerospace Technology Institute
  • CategoryBranding & Marketing

Crafting a dynamic brand and marketing campaign for the ATI Conference

The Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) creates the technology strategy for the UK aerospace sector and funds world-class research and development.

As one of our longest standing retained clients, the ATI came to us with the requirement to design, strategise and deliver the production of their first annual conference since 2019. The event was aimed at the UK aerospace sector, bringing together over 200 delegates for a 2 day event to explore the innovations that will pave the way to sustainable aerospace and towards net zero 2050.

The Challenge
Create and launch the event brand, drive awareness, build their audiences and drive ticket sales.

The Solution
We provided the following services:

  • Event branding
  • Social media campaign and content management
  • Conference production
  • Sound, light, AV production and technical support
  • Video production


Event Branding
Our journey to create the event branding began in early 2022, where we set out to develop a name and style that embodied a sense of balance, innovation, professionalism, and modernity. During a client meeting, the concept of a mandala pattern that could morph into various forms was brainstormed. This idea resonated with industry professionals and allowed us to merge intricate technical drawings with the artistic beauty of a mandala.

Delving deeper into the design, the symmetrical arrangement of these elements within the shape symbolized the interconnectedness and unity within the aviation industry, particularly in their collective pursuit of achieving net zero emissions. The mandala provided a visual representation to illustrate and emphasise the concept of ‘zero’ beyond the confines of the logotype. By blending the mandala with gradient backgrounds, brand crosshairs, and dynamic flight paths, we were able to bring the branding to life. These elements complemented each other harmoniously, contributing to an overall sense of authenticity and elegance that effectively reinforced the purpose of the conference. The style was such a success that we’ve reused a lot of elements from it in subsequent events.

Design & Video
In the run up to the event we created name badges, agenda layouts, social media assets like speaker cards and even a fully designed report/publication the client intended to launch at the event.
For the venue we created, entrance vinyls, stage banners, lectern signage, media wall videos and blade screen content.

The media wall video incorporated previously filmed footage with animated question sequences and a specially designed conference event animation. This was shown on a huge screen overlooking the entrance foyer.

For the event the team also took on designing the Powerpoint template for each speaker to put their talk to so the whole thing was consistent.

During the event we had a team on site doing photography and videography. They captured the main talks, conducted interviews/vox pops with attendees and footage of the event and surroundings.
Post event the team have created 4 edits from the 2 days combining photography and video. One of which includes succinct highlights of the event video to be used on social media and in the promotion of next year’s one.

Social media campaign and content management
In the build up to the event we increased both organic and paid social media efforts on multiple channels to create and showcase event content, increasing awareness and traffic to the event registration page.

We were able to target their core audiences through LinkedIn paid campaigns to raise awareness of the event using the event teaser / launch video. We also launched a retargeting campaign and we were able to then drive further engagement with those who had visited ATI pages, visited the company page on LinkedIn, and those who have engaged with teaser video campaigns.

We also designed and created quick content or videos like countdowns, or ticket release videos that kept the stream of posts fresh and engaging.

Conference production – Sound, light, AV production and technical support
We provided all the required AV and lighting plus onsite production management.

The Results
A seamlessly executed sell out, 2-day event that inspired delegates and was deemed a great success.

“Thanks to the innovative strategies and dedicated efforts of About Time, the ATI Conference not only achieved a sell-out status but also boasted a seamlessly unified branding experience. Every touchpoint, from diverse marketing channels to the vibrant event venue itself, echoed the event’s core identity, creating a cohesive and memorable journey for all attendees.”


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