ISO House

A cross platform live virtual club experience, fundraising for NHS Together Charities.

Virtual event production, Live Streaming, Video Content
Branding and Design, Launch campaign, Social Media
and Paid media

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A vibrant and immersive virtual club experience which brought the audiences of 6 house music brands together.

The Idea 
With ALL events on hold during lockdown and ‘staying home’ being the new ‘going out’, our partner brand Shhh Club wanted to create a virtual music event experience….a much needed escape and release from the COVID-19 crisis.

ISO House was born: a weekly live stream event which brought the audiences of 6 house music brands together in one place to lift clubbers spirits whilst raising money for NHS together charities.

The Solution 
About Time delivered every aspect of the experience, from branding, marketing and promotion through to production of the virtual event.

Our production team provided pre-event and on-the-day support to the team to stream around the world on multiple social platforms without a hitch.

The studio created a thumb-stopping launch video and in stream content designed to capture attention and stop people in their feed, whilst the social and paid media team ensured events were promoted to all the right people in all the right places, generating a huge amount of engagement and attendance online for the lowest cost possible.

The Results 
The identity created reflected the boldness of fun that ISO House represents. The result was colourful and vibrant.

The event engagement and feedback was incredible,  but then, when you put 150% of your effort and passion into something, that passion and determination are always going to come through to deliver an experience like no other.

With over 3,000 people logging on to watch and party over 6 weeks, raising over £6,000 for the NHS charities together. Social channels grew exponentially as well with over 150% increase in followers. One video post went viral and reached over 11 million people!

From the outset, it was always set to be a success due to the brands involved, the enthusiasm of the audience and their love of music.

100% Increase in New Followers

10K Attendees Over 4 Events

11 Million Reach across Facebook and Instagram

150K Live Stream Views

350K Video Views

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