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The Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) is an independent not-for-profit company at the heart of aerospace research and development in the UK. Their mission is to raise UK ambitions and lead technology in air transport to maximise the UK’s full economic potential.

Brand Development, UX/UI Design, Project Management,
User Testing, Web Development

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Refreshing their website to bring it in line with the revised business plan and strategy.


To create and update a revised and more robust platform with added features and tools.


To begin with the team carried out a discovery process on ATI which analyses all touch points of the business and provides a detailed report of areas for improvement for the brand. We carried this out and presented our findings back to the business. From this our main workstream we wanted to focus on was the website.

We held workshops with different areas of the business to understand the pain points of the current website so the team could go away and find solutions of how to overcome them on the new platform. This was an education process for us and it was a collaborative process to ensure everything the business needed was captured.

Some of these workshops were tool specific for example one of the areas the business wanted to showcase on the website was a funding tool. Which could be used to funnel applicants and get them to the correct streams of funding which in turn would reduce the manual man power from the business to help. It was very much a self service tool.

From these sessions wireframes were created and then the User interface layer was applied over the top. The design of the brand was developed further introducing secondary colour palettes, image layouts and technical graphs.

The previous site in WordPress was pulled and reworked into Umbraco to allow greater flexibility with a robust content management system which was more in line with the business needs for content and features.

A comprehensive testing plan was implemented from many sides of the business and internally to iron out any bug fixes and mobile changes or adjustments to cater to a mobile first user before being rolled out.


The website was rolled out at the beginning of 2019 to great success. It brought the website inline with the new business strategy. It communicated succinctly what the company does and can now be used as a tool for the business to promote events, showcase the projects they are involved in but it also becomes a self serve tools for departments like HR where they can promote new jobs or the comms teams can upload technical documents.

40.6% Increase in Ranking Keyphrases

151% Increase in organic visibility

Page Views Increased 13.13% (Up 20k views)

New Visitors Increased 14.84% (Up 9k )

Number of Sessions Per User Increased 9.29% (1.67 Vs 1.53)

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