Bosch Rexroth - The Unstoppables

Creating a multi faceted digital campaign for Bosch Rexroth to highlight the amazing skills and prowess of the service division.

Campaign strategy and delivery & Storyboard, design and animation

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Illustrating the Bosch Rexroth UK Service Team as the super heroes they are

The Bosch Rexroth UK service team provide a comprehensive service, repair and maintenance plan for manufacturing machines. So when they needed an integrated campaign to raise awareness of the service division and their experts, we knew we could do this in a creative way.

During our talks with the marketing team, the studio got highly enthused with the idea of illustrating the service team as super heroes in a comic book style series of animations to show the issues customers might face on a day to day basis and how Rexroth’s heroic service team had every evil outcome covered.

We had a lot of fun working closely with the Bosch Rexroth UK marketing team during the R&D stages to best utilise our time and make sure we were all aligned on the style, a clear narrative, and a highly creative output. Having this positive process back and forth with the client meant we clarified a lot of the character concepts very quickly – clear communication being something we strive for to keep on-brief and in-budget.

The creation of the heroic characters was inspired by a number of existing superheroes from Marvel and DC universes, using versions of their distinct and recognisable powers – this pastiche approach was purposely used to have a more immediate connection from the audience and understanding of what they were capable of. The powers were all attributed to the characters based on the section of the service offering that they depicted.

Once the concepts and storylines were signed off it was on to the animation side of the project.  One of the biggest challenges we faced here was resisting the urge to go too big with the animations, they’re based on a moving comic book but we couldn’t help but push the effects as far as we could (whilst staying on-budget of course).

The UK marketing team loved the characters, the storylines and the animations. As the campaign rolled out internally and on social media, it gained a lot of reach and engagement from a wide audience.  The campaign also proved to be a hit internationally too – with The Unstoppables being talked about being used by the global marketing team too… watch this space!

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