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Praesepe is part of the Gauselmann group, they operate 176 gaming centres across the country. Including big brands like Cashino and Beacon Bingo. Together they really know how to entertain their customers!

Surveying, Creative Design, Large format Print, Installation

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Promoting Praesepe’s new service led venues.


Designing and installing a full service phased roll out of future venues from surveys, design, print and installation.


To date our team have designed and installed a much more current and consistent brand across their venues across the UK. But this time the client came to us with another request to help them design concepts for their future venues which were to be rolled out across the year. The aim of the project was to showcase a much more upmarket and luxurious Cashino and easily translate this to people walking on the highstreet.

This was a huge project for the team as it needed to be carried out alongside the older venue renovations too. For this a strict process was created and outlined between ourselves and the team at Praesepe from being supplied Architect drawings to creating extensive surveys, into the studio for design for review and finally installing.

As it is a gaming venue they can’t show any of the inside to the outside public which meant people were not able to see what it was like in venue so the design very much stemmed from showcasing the inside out. For this we got plenty of photography from inside the future venues showcasing new games/machinery and conveying the service you get. Each venue was given a full facelift with new signage produced by us and paintwork to give it a premium feel.

Our quota of work didn’t stop at the window designs and installation we were also put in charge of the lighting of their venues to achieve maximum wow factor. For this we trialled a variety of lighting solutions at a test bed venue for board members at Praesepe to review and agree on which approach we were to use and then roll out.

Additionally we were tasked with creating all the video content that was showcased on their tv screens in the windows of which we produced game promotions which reflected their machines indoors.


Internally the project has been a success and all the refits have been well received.

This is an ongoing project to roll out across the UK venues with two streams of work and its success has meant we are currently taking on another project for another of their brands.

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