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Creating a consistent brand for a large UK casino brand and managing the national roll-out of window designs for Cashino venues across the UK.

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Transforming highstreet casinos.

The client was currently using graphics that looked dated and didn’t show any messaging or inform the public what the venue was about. The windows lacked consistency and almost every venue would have a completely different style and layout. Due to every venue being so different we had to create a design that could translate across many different shop formats. Some bigger than others, some had graded listing restrictions, each venue has different colour signage. We were really tested both in design and installation.

Each venue was different, from outside signage to internal and external decor. The venue windows also didn’t follow a set format and each had their own unique features which provided challenges.

Our goal was to create consistency, reflect the internal of the venue externally and provide a format that could be easily changed to reflect each venues colour choices and efficiently installed. This was essential as Cashino has 165 venues around the UK.

Our Solution

Our learnings from various site visits was the external venue graphics did not reflect the inside of the venues, the vibrancy and personality captured by the staff and more importantly what they had to offer once inside.

We developed a range of designs to run past the marketing team and key stake holders at Cashino. We experimented by using people on the graphics to humanise it, neon styles, classic casino styling and a range of colours were tested. Using people, messaging and a range of assets/ devices that framed messaging. We wanted to create a glamorous casino feel which gave people a feeling of a higher class experience.

We produced a format and system with the team at Praesepe where they would let us know which venues they needed refurbishing, attend each site and carry out a site survey, collecting all the dimensions and caveating all the challenges the team in the studio may face when designing or installing.

Once the survey came back, the studio would work with the client to understand whether any screens were to be installed, what colour preferences the manager chose and any unique requirements. For example, at a venue close to an airport we customised the internal entrance designs to reflect the area by designing flight path graphics.

The designs were printed and installed by our print manager. The graphics for the windows provided consistency for the venues, making them aligned across the suite. The graphics gave people walking on the high street an insight into what the cashino offers in slot machines and big money jackpots.


This is an ongoing project to roll out across the UK venues. This project was the beginning of our business relationship and has gone on to producing digital video, social media strategy and animation.

The windows ended up being a simplistic gradient effect background. Because we had so many venues to cater for with different signage colours we chose a palette of purple, blue and gold backgrounds which were the base of our coin explosions. We took the cashino token that members get given in the venue for use in the slot machines. We created a 3D version of this token and made it look like it was exploding out. Situated in the middle of the graphics we left space for either promotional TV screens or posters. A custom font was made to showcase big buzzwords like ‘slots’ and ‘jackpots’.

The client also liked the neon style so a range of classic slot machine shapes was created in neon such as cherries, bells, number seven, diamonds a whole reel was even created.

Each venue was different but the base of these designs have translated across to other materials such as video, and printed materials to try and bring everything back together with consistency.

“We have been working with the About Time team for 2 years on various projects.  The team are really helpful and friendly, we often have a giggle over my descriptions of what I’d like to achieve, but they understand and we reach the desired goals.  We have been working on window projects over the last 12 months predominantly which has been challenging due to our estate being all different shapes & sizes, with some having advertising screens, some being internal/external installations and a few just plain awkward.  We have a really good understanding of how each other work I highly recommend Justin and his team for creativity and bespoke modern designs.”


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