Creating ads for the King family.

Performance videos for some of Kings top titles.

Full production of tutorials, teaser campaigns and performance marketing videos for online games including Candy Crush, Bubble Witch and Shuffle Cats.

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Performance Videos for game lovers!


To fully understand the purpose and use of each digital video for the chosen target audience to effectively convey the key messaging within the advert.

Through the initial discovery, we found most videos were being featured on social media and the majority of the audience were playing or watching on a mobile phone yet the promotional videos produced to date had not been optimised for mobile and therefore assets and messaging were being lost.

Our Solution

Create descriptive storyboards to demonstrate each specific game narrative and develop a range of videos from explainers and instructional videos to performance marketing campaign videos.

From the outset, storyboards and animatics were created and overlaid with any game music to give early indication of direction. Next step was to produce rough cuts of the videos using actual digital assets, here is where we add the detail of sound effects and refine the animation to match the quality of the game design.

Once the final video had been approved, the delivery process began to reversion for each geographical territory.


Client feedback suggests the design and narrative of the videos, combined with strong hooks and big win gameplay have resonated with players.

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