23rd December 2019

ATC Ibiza Summer Roundup

We at ATC have the pleasure of doing both business and leisure on the White Island – and we’re very bloody happy about it! Summer highlights from ATC Ibiza… STK Ibiza We saw our amazing work with the upscale restaurant […]

31st October 2019

New Additions to the About Time Team

Hi everyone, Please join us in welcoming our newest team members, Jack & Jasmine! Jack joined About Time at the beginning of October as a Digital Marketing Apprentice, working at our Milton Keynes Studio. Jacks role is to help create [...]

1st December 2016

Virtual Reality Is Now

In the Virtual Reality community ‘presence’ is a term of art. It is the idea that once VR reaches a certain level it tricks your brain into believing what you’re seeing in front of you. With ‘presence’, your brain goes […]

8th September 2016

The team take to water

Home _ Uncategorised _ Page 2 The team took to the water not like ducks but more like walrus's as you can see in the takes from the video below, but we had a fantastic day trying to wakeboard @BoxEndPark. [...]