1st December 2016

Virtual Reality Is Now

In the Virtual Reality community ‘presence’ is a term of art. It is the idea that once VR reaches a certain level it tricks your brain into believing what you’re seeing in front of you.

With ‘presence’, your brain goes from feeling like you have a headset on to the feeling of being placed into a different world. ‘Presence’ has been the missing ingredient for marketers until now.

Virtual reality is a new medium which allows us to immerse ourselves in multi-dimensional data with natural interaction and a greater space available. ‘Studies have shown ‘Our perception of our body and environment affects how we feel’. These factors control our emotional experience and exploration of a product or environment.

VR brings you into a world where you are not a spectator you are a participant giving your customers an unforgettable experience and a space where you can capture their concentration amongst the distractions around.

Below are 5 benefits we believe VR will bring to your customers over the same offering in a 2D space.

1. Less Distraction

VR puts you into a focused world, allowing the participant to become fully immersed in your objective, whether that be to view a product, experience a guided tour or to be immersed into a scene relevant to their problems allowing them to see solutions from a front row seat.

2. Space

With a 360 degree environment there is more real estate to design fully immersive experiences to showcase data, products and environments.

3. Natural Interaction to make tangible experiences

In real life we interact with everyday objects directly, touching them or walking around obstacles. For a long time we have been viewing products, environments in a 2D landscape on a computer. Virtual reality allows us to return to a more natural interaction where unlike brochures or magazines we can bring customers into an experience that reflects the real world giving them a sense of surroundings, scale and perspective without being there.

4. Educational Experiences

VR can be used to educate consumers not only on the brand’s offerings, a brand’s story, the background behind how products are made or pieces to educate customers on how to build their products – taking how to videos to a whole new level.

5. Product Experiences

To break away from competition and convince a customer your products are better, you can use VR to let consumers experience products on a new level for example customising a car, weight loss meetings from your sofa or even virtual stores.

Virtual Reality is still a relatively new and novelty marketing strategy for now but its benefits and capabilities are endless. Not everyone is using VR currently – take advantage while you can.

The best way to foresee your future is to create it.

Here at the studio we are currently working on a 3D Data VR experience for a client. To see how we can help your brand utilise this technology get in touch.