28th October 2016

Xceptional Xperiences… and why we believe in them!

The first question you should be asking is what makes an experience, what makes us loyal to a brand? Why do we keep returning to the same store or purchasing the same branded product or service? Is it well priced? Is it well manufactured?…..

The truth is a combination of many things, a perfect fit, an easy ordering system, great customer service and speedy delivery. All of which fall under the same umbrella -Experience.

It’s these experiences that culminate into feelings towards a brand whether it be positive or negative. These are feelings that your customers will share with friends, on the internet and ultimately these will shape the opinions of others. Without defining good experiences, brands can become victims to whatever people feel and share, or even worse, if they fail to engage their customers they may not share at all causing brands to become lost.

Take a moment and ask yourself –

What do your customers say about your brand experience right now? Are you listening to what your customer’s have to say about you or are you pushing out messages you think your customer wants to hear?

Today there are lots of brands competing for a voice and it is becoming increasingly more difficult for brands to tell their stories or direct people’s attention to their products amongst the choices and distractions available at their fingertips.

As a team of creatives and strategists we challenge our clients to rethink their processes, to design with people in mind, to make relevant content and get it in front of the right audience. Better we challenge and improve your experience than you be challenged by your competition – it’s only a matter of time.

Recent statistics have said customers are willing to pay 25% more for a product or service they believe will give them a good experience. We believe everyone can improve their customers experience and the solution to this?

Be Exceptional! At About Time we use a formula that helps us build our clients experiences…

{BX} -BRAND EXPERIENCE – ( CX + UX combined with the brands story, identity and communications)
{CX} – CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (The interactions a person has with your brand at any touchpoint)
{UX} – USER EXPERIENCE (The interaction with your product or service, a breakdown)

= X – The experience, process, best practice knowledge, skills and the strategy to create a compelling/engaging brand experience whether that be a campaign a digital project or just consultancy.

The proof is in the pudding! Take a look at Apple a company that year after year increases their prices on products yet they still retain the same customers who are hooked on the brand.

At About Time we start from the ground up exploring our client’s brand. The company values, it’s story, its architecture, it’s audience and design with users in mind. Our process incorporates best practices – user journeys, wireframes, prototypes, user testing, analysis of data to appeal to your customers. We use technology as a tool to bring our designs to life and provide engaging and creative experiences that sit at the forefront of your customers mind.

It is so important to spend time working through your customers’ journey when they encounter you, your brand, your employees, and the products and services you provide. It is this fluid customer experience that can transfer from you into the minds of the connected consumer who will become your brand advocate, spreading the good word about what you have to offer.

We believe in creating experiences that are relevant and have purpose, without this your marketing is just a design. If it is un-relatable to your consumers it will not be meaningful when they see it. It is how you bring that purpose and meaning to life, in every moment and touchpoint that shapes their experience and makes them want to shout about it. These shareable experiences form part of the strongest advertising there is – word of mouth. It is your choice to compete for it or ignore it

But we promise you that if you do not disrupt yourself, the gift of disruption will be given to you by someone else. There is a disruption event on the horizon of every business and it’s just a matter of time until it happens. You can deal with this when it does, or you can embrace and create your own disruption, make your customers take notice, engage them and give them the experience they deserve. An experience they will never forget, that they will share, and one they will keep coming back to.

Let us help you do this…