1st April 2020

Shhh… raised £2145 for the NHS!

Positivity breeds positivity!

We had the utmost pleasure of helping our clients Shhh… in putting on a scintillating show for the Iso House launch party on Saturday with hundreds coming together to raise a magnificent amount of £2145 for the nhs.uk charities who support NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients.

However, the past week was a baptism of research, testing, failing, some more testing and making things come together.

Yet, we all came together to make it happen. 8 hours filled with pure joy, surrounded by family with a total of 12 DJ’s rolling out a collection of endless house beats from 5 different music brands, all in support of the incredible NHS staff.

…And I don’t think we are going to stop there! We will be back, teaming up with Shhh… and bringing that creative spark for the second ever edition this Saturday, but only BIGGER and BETTER.

You will able to watch the Shhh… Iso House from 4pm this Saturday: www.twitch.tv/isohouse/

A list of special thanks:
Nigel Clarke, Sarah Louise Smith & Sarah Clarke, Jon East, Danny Denscombe, Mick Mucky Turrell, Paul Reid, Jody Pardoe, Gary Simpson, Matt May, Scott Judge, Tony Kendall, Tina Hyslop, Kyle Sherwood, Ben Walker, Paks Shay-Vijay Patel, Ben Gould, David Minns & Ryan Willmott

To the brands that put on all of the great parties:
Shhh., Catch the Feeling, We Are Housework, House Collective., & MiCasa SuCasa

The radio stations who support the cause and spread the love:
Music Box Radio UK & Stereotype Radio

And last but not at all least, ALL of you lot who turned up, forgot your worries for one night and had a blast with us.