30th March 2020

10 tips to help market your brand in uncertain times

Within this current pandemic, it is important to put yourself in the shoes of your clients. With business as usual disrupted and audiences struggling with the challenges of rapid changes in their work and life, it’s difficult to know how brands and marketers should approach social to contribute. However, social provides a major outlet for connection and conversation during a time when many are feeling isolated.

Here’s 10 tips to help you adapt your strategy in uncertain times:

1.) Use Content to Serve and Help Your Customers –

  • Use this time to shift from direct selling to content marketing that is useful to your clients and the general public. Why? Right now, people are watching videos more, reading more, and listening more, educating themselves on how to keep safe and healthy in this current time. Question yourself, ‘how can I use video, blog posts, and podcasts to show up and help my customers solve the problems they’re facing right now?’


2.) Pause and Adapt Your Messaging –

  • Our team believes that pausing marketing activity and adapting our messages to help those in crisis is a sensible way of acting. Avoid any messaging that would make it appear that you’re exploiting the crisis rather than providing value.


3.) Be Inspirational, Educational and Useful

  • Now is the time for your content to be inspirational. People are seeking guidance, encouragement and excitement in this time of crisis, so provide useful and comforting advice about what’s really going on in the markets.There has never been a better time to get your content marketing strategy in order and into a more proactive stance that can shift at a moment’s notice.


4.) Humanize Your Brand Voice –

  • Your posts should be filled with empathy and understanding. With the whole of the UK self isolating and majority working remotely, you need to ask yourself this:
  1. Are you inspirational? Share quotes and videos that will raise spirits.
  2. Are you serious? Show people how you’ve got their back and how they can rely on you in difficult times.
  3. Are you irreverent? Share memes and GIFs that get a laugh!


5.) Be Mindful of Your Imagery –

  • We need to adapt our imagery and the way we present ourselves online, because the world has changed dramatically within a matter of months.For example: instead of sharing images of people at work, share images of people working from home on your social channels!


6.) Ask How You Can Help –

  • People might be  struggling right now. We need to unite and be there for another. Your business may not be relevant at this moment in time for people, so generally asking them how you can help in any way could go a long way for you and your business in the long term.


7.) Assess Your Future Content Queue –

  • Rethink your businesses social media schedule, will your promotional campaigns be effective right now? Will they be as compassionate and empathetic as possible in light of what we’re going through? Perhaps make content more educational or even offer special help if you can afford to.


8.) Keep Calm & Optimize On –

  • Keep operating as if you’re not actively moving ahead, you’re falling behind = Uphill struggle to recover.


9.) Show Your Website Some Love –

  • Since you’re working remotely, perhaps you have some more time on your hands? Maybe, you can fix the issues with your website that has always been in the back of your mind but you never had time for? Fix your site and show it some love so it can be the lead magnet that it needs to be!


10.) Using Video Conferencing Apps to Frequently Contact Your Team –

  • From working remotely, we have discovered that using a range of video conferencing apps, has been extremely helpful and somewhat improved our communication skills! Using these apps has ensured that we never miss that crucial piece of information and we believe you should do the same!


If you need a hand with managing your brand then please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help!

Let’s get creative.