Video Production, Animation & Motion Graphics

We create brands, formulate messaging and design visual identities that connect with your desired audiences.

Staying static in todays’ digital world is not an option. That’s why a moving video or motion graphics are the perfect way to grab and hold the viewer’s attention. There is no longer room for brands that only exist in 2D. Consumers are making brand choices on the basis of how any given brand makes them feel. It has become an emotive choice to work with someone or buy into them. It is all about the experience. A beautifully expressed brand story will only reach certain depths with consumers yet breathing life into your brand story will capture the audience’s attention. Immersive brand experiences drive your consumers to engage to make their emotional connection a memorable one. With almost 25 years of motion graphics and animation experience behind us, working online, offline and within the broadcast space, we script, write, create style frames and example graphics to manage client expectations before jumping into a full on production process so we make sure you know what you are getting first. It’s a fast paced environment so we make sure your brand keeps up and surpasses the competition.

Video Production

Of course we love to create crazy, cool graphics, but these also need to be backed up with real life stories and this can be done through video capture. The ability to capture and relay a real life story is a true art form and one that can build brand perceptions within seconds. Whether it’s a brand piece to deliver the global ethos behind a company and it’s services, TV ad or social media edu-video, we choose the right videographer from the team to deliver the right footage for the right budget and plan in all motion graphics in advance to make sure it looks natural.

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