What’s the Point?

An integrated creative campaign produced for Leica Geosystems which spans three key industries, showcasing how their products and solutions digitise landscapes, capture data and asks a question of their customers, why go anywhere else?

  • ClientLeica Geosystems
  • CategoryCreative Content

A customer focused creative campaign.

Revolutionising the world of measurement and survey for nearly 200 years, Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, creates complete solutions for professionals across the planet. Known for premium products and innovative solution development, professionals in a diverse mix of industries, such as aerospace and defence, safety and security, construction, and manufacturing, trust Leica Geosystems for all their geospatial needs. With precise and accurate instruments, sophisticated software, and trusted services, Leica Geosystems delivers value every day to those shaping the future of our world.

Our brief from the client was quite broad – trying to squeeze three industry’s into one creative was not an easy task.

The client was also still in the process of segmenting their customers and doing a general audit. They were still defining their user profiles for each industry so it wasn’t entirely clear from the offset who we were aiming our campaign creative at.

Because of the 12 month campaign duration, creative needed to be relevant so as not to age quickly.

Our Solution
As a team we started to take a look at each industry separately, research into the vast amount of products, client challenges, case studies and customers of each of the segments. We took that research to develop messaging with broad appeal across all three industries whilst defining sub messages that spoke to customers of specific industries.

We thrashed out a lot of this on a whiteboard wall and later came to realise the common thread sewing each industry together, ‘points’. The products that Leica Geosystems produce all have one thing in common, they measure, scan, detect or survey key parts of a landscape. We also flipped points into three separate meanings:

1.) The physical points of data Leica products generate.

2.) The point of view of a customer.

3.) Our point – a statement from the company.

We liked how this opened up a conversation to customers. A lot of the previous materials Leica has produced was very product/sales heavy so it was great to make things more personable to the end customer.

A range of creative concepts was generated – product and user based. The campaign became What’s The Point?

A take on how end customers feel for example “What’s the point in working longer hours” Solution using the RTC can save countless hours.

‘The point.’ A company stance for example. “The BLK360 – Capturing 3D Reality at the push of a button. – That’s the point”.

Various concepts – some humorous and others more corporate were discussed before opting for a generic launch of creating the three landscapes in 3D and putting the products in situ. These landscapes included reality capture, heavy construction and utilities.

The final result was a generically designed 3D landscape which can easily be visualised for the three landscapes/industries by changing the product mix on show. The landscape was captured within a dome, symbolising the Leica Geosystems world with a final mesh/point cloud asset.

The creative has been run across social media channels, event collateral and a reality capture campaigns with positive feedback from customer and client.

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