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SIS – Ice Videos

A series of showcase video of SIS’s services, to be shown at the Ice Gaming Conference in 2017

SIS is a leading supplier of products and services to the online and retail betting markets, creating innovative and reliable solutions for over 30 years. Their global delivery of data, streaming, pictures and gaming content enables more than 100,000 betting opportunities a year.


Create a suite of videos to promote their credentials in content, distribution and gaming in the brands new look. The videos were revealed at the 2017 Ice Gaming Conference, the industries leading event representing the entire gaming industry. Following this the video was to be used on other marketing collateral such as the website and social media.


SIS had recently undergone a huge re-brand setting a new direction for the business, defining objectives and setting out a vision. The new look is simple, confident and packs a punch! Our goal was to create a series of videos incorporating the brands new core elements as main features throughout the video.

Storyboards were generated collaboratively with the client to create a style across the videos that encapsulate the new brand guidelines.

We started with the ‘beam’ a dynamic and flexible element that we could use to create a flow throughout the narrative to represent the energy of the brand through a range of 3D environments. Designed into these environments, we animated key messages throughout with relevant animation to support. All animations were created with the single line effect in mind which transition smoothly back into the flow of the story.

All message animations were created in Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects then brought together in After Effects. As dictated by the pace of the voice over and overall 3D environment, the message animations had to be simple yet informative, whilst entertaining and holding the audiences attention.

We wanted to create something with excitement and pace to reflect the new and engaging brand so we housed our footage in swift moving devices that animated across the screen.


SIS are to unveil the videos at the beginning of February at the ICE Gaming Conference and are then to be rolled out their website as supporting content.