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Brand development and creation of a visual identity for product launch.


NutriPot has launched as a new brand, offering consumers a healthy alternative to the typical lunch time/snacking products already sold in supermarkets.

The objective of the brief was to take the initial creative treatment defined by NutriPot and develop it into a brand that can emotionally connect with the mostly female audience who are always on the go and trying to look after themselves or their families.


We started out by expanding upon the illustrative style originally briefed to us, then created a range of scenarios that our target audience could relate to such as picking the kids up from school or grabbing lunch in between meetings. Each one was beautifully hand illustrated with a watercolour style and then rolled across the product packaging. Each of the five flavours shows a different scenario.

Once we found a style, we ran this over a a range of campaign elements to show how the style might look in terms of print ads, messaging, banners, leaflets, student fresher pack postcards, shelf wobblers, stands, social media assets and all promotional material in order to get the product into the market. We used the watercolour style from the scenarios to create shapes that related to their flavours/ingredients and shapes like hearts to help achieve the ‘good for you’ messaging.

On top of this, a fully animated online video was created to bring our scenarios to life. We used the watercolour style to bleed colours throughout the illustrations whilst highlighting the health benefits of the product and nutritional ingredients whilst still being tasty! Finally a soundtrack with the title Good For All Of You was used to help appeal emotionally behind the voice over by a well known radio personality. Can you guess who it is?


The launch of the product provided an emotional pull for particularly women who want to look after themselves and their families. The launch ran successfully across the UK and Guernsey and with the help of About Time, NutriPots are soon to be sold in some of the big four supermarkets who have noticed a gap in the market for the product. They have also recently won the bronze award for Lunch! Innovation Challenge judged by buyers from the convenience and food service industry. Watch this space and the supermarket shelves!