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A redefined digital experience for one of the UK's leading weight loss brands.


One of the UK’s largest weight loss brands is undergoing a period of change – a digital transformation. About Time is engaged as LighterLife’s lead creative partner to transform the brand identity, set a new direction for the positioning and digital strategy for exponential growth.

LighterLife has invested hugely in providing one of the most successful and unique weight loss programme in the UK. It’s portfolio of weight loss plans and extensive research is broader than most of it’s competitors and has the capability to reach a large audience.


LighterLife connects with people of all ages and needed to be seen as personable brand, we wanted to bring it to life so we suggested an extended and more vibrant colour palette that reflected a range of psychological emotions their clients could connect with. The idea was to then translate these across a wider range of materials including their plan identities and books.

LighterLife needed to be multichannel – the ability to interact with customers and potential customers on various platforms around the clock in particular they needed to connect digitally. At the time LighterLife only had a website and shop where clients could purchase food packs related to their plan. We needed to create a more accessible site that worked alongside some of their current systems and one that was accessible by a wider audience and wider range of platforms.

We built a bespoke responsive site using WordPress CMS and integrated it with a Magento shop, their existing blog and internal CRM system. Custom themes had to be developed which allowed full customisation of the site by the client.

This was all tied together by a bespoke API developed in Laravel, this allowed all the platforms to work together seamlessly, enabled the capture of more data to allow LighterLife a better understanding of their customers, and also put in place the foundations for future developments such as app and games.

As part of the sites rebuild LighterLife wanted a complete redesign of the aesthetic and User Experience of the site, there was a big focus on navigation as their current experience proved frustrating for many. We created an illustrative style which allowed for fluid modules rather than a block template that the client wanted to stay clear of. The style injected personality into the brand which translated well onto social media. The design featured less clutter, lifestyle success stories for engagement and more prominent calls to action.


A refreshed, less corporate feel that people could connect with on multiple devices. LighterLife’s investment in it’s new digital brand gives customers an easy to use customer experience which helps customers access information and convert with ease. To support the organisation at launch, we provided easy to apply guidelines for digital application and campaign messaging that enabled them to resonate with customers.

As a result of the work undertaken by About Time, sales of foodpacks grew by 569% and client engagement by 304%. To add to this, LighterLife were nominated for ‘Specialist Online Retailer of the Year” 2016 at The Grocer awards.