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Connecting a brand to its consumers through relatable scenarios - #WeGetIt

One of the UK’s largest weight loss brand is undergoing a period of change. About Time is engaged as LighterLife’s lead creative partner to help transform the brand identity, set a new direction for the brand positioning and digital strategy for business growth.


In developing a deeper understanding of the clients business, the product they offer and target audience, we felt that an engaging video to drive home a message that LighterLife understand their end users would be effective for social media usage, creating awareness of the brand and generating traffic to their new website.

We developed a storyboard which showed the different state of minds and situations that the end user might be in and recreated them using actual people that have been on the diet so as to use people that have seen the positive results of the program and therefore create an aspirational message that the results are achievable.
The video and online campaign launched alongside the new website and hit consumers at the biggest point of the weight-loss calendar – the run up to and post Christmas. The campaign needed to connect with potential customers at a personal level and be versatile across a range of channels. We feel it did the job.


When we think about wanting to lose weight we think about the emotions connected to why people want to shed pounds. To connect with a wide audience we decided to focus on these emotions and create scenarios based on how people feel about themselves. We wanted a range of these to resonate with people so when someone saw an advert that hit home they could say ‘they get it’. From this we created a series of powerful scenarios that overweight people could connect with based on true testimonials from current LighterLife clients. These ranged from the ‘the full length phobia’ a connection to someones self conscious thoughts about seeing themselves in a full length mirror or ‘the camera dodger’ – the person who always takes the photo so they don’t have to be in it.

The video was shot with LighterLife clients on location over two days illustrating key scenarios. It had post production VFX overlaid incorporating the illustrative feel of the new branding and website. We then created a script which was voiced by LighterLife’s brand ambassador Denise Welch.

Alongside these we created a social hashtag #WEGETIT to reinforce the message to customers that LighterLife understand how they feel and they can help them make change physically and emotionally.

Accompanying the video were web banners, customised scenarios to fit the christmas season, a suite of digital display banners and social media material.


The campaign ran very successfully across a variety of channels such as YouTube and Facebook and the video had more view throughs than Justin Bieber! Now that is effective. The campaign has proved very popular and constant improvements and additional scenarios are being added to the set to reach out to their audience.