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LighterLife – H20H!

Creating an immersive omni channel, digital platform for one of the UK's leading weight loss brands.

One of the UK’s largest weight loss brand is undergoing a period of change. About Time were engaged as LighterLife’s lead creative partner to transform the brand identity, set a new direction for the brands position and digital strategy for exponential growth.


LighterLife has invested hugely in providing one of the most successful and unique weight loss programmes in the UK. It’s portfolio of weight loss plans and extensive research is broader than most of it’s competitors and has the capability to reach a large audience.

LighterLife wanted a fun way of engaging with customers whilst helping them discover more about themselves through gameplay and allowing them to socially share and connect with a wider weight loss community.


We decided to build an app which would be rolled out initially across LighterLife’s iOS users. Our work started with some illustrations depicting emotions such as ‘bored zombie’ and characters which could help combat the ‘negative’ emotions called the ‘Numee’s. Our objective was to create a storyline and build a game around the psychological behaviours and decisions someone on a weight loss journey faces whilst making it enjoyable and informative.

We created 3D models in Cinema 4D, based on the illustrations, for a variety of characters and worlds. These were then pulled together in Unity allowing us to create multiple levels for the users to play – ranging from ‘Boredville to the ‘Sunshine State’. In addition we created a bespoke API to allow the game to communicate with LighterLife’s in house CRM allowing for data capture and analysis. The API also allows any future projects to do the same.

The aim was to get to one end of the level to the other whilst defeating the ‘eemos’ who captured negative thoughts and posed challenges and mini puzzles along the way.

A game to share socially with the LighterLife community on Facebook, create a buzz and equally drive people to join one of the weight loss plans. Download the app now on the link below!



Together About Time and the LighterLife team have created an informative and engaging way of helping users overcome situations in an immersive game play environment. The game has only just launched this week but initial thoughts so far seem very positive. Download your version on the app store now and let us know what you think!

From initial consultation and scoping, the About Time team understood our client base. Working closely with them to develop this digital strategy has been fun and engaging. We were not 100% clear on what we wanted so the support in finding our way in the digital space to truly disrupt our clients whilst giving them this immersive platform was totally the right thing to do. The future is very positive with further development of theme and app which will eventually turn into a revenue stream for the business.

Kirsty Spencer - LighterLife