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Leica Geosystems

Integrated campaign to celebrate Leica Geosystems’ 50 years trading in the UK.

Leica Geosystems is a global company providing geospatial solutions to over 120 countries worldwide. It operates in multiple industries from aerospace and engineering to building and construction, forensics and public safety. With close to 200 years of experience pioneering solutions to measure the world, Leica Geosystems’ products capture, analyse, and present spatial information.


Leica Geosystems approached About Time to develop a creative campaign with a strong message to celebrate its 50 years of trading in the UK.  It needed to convey both the brand’s long standing heritage and tradition as well as its proactive, forward-thinking philosophy. Our goal was to create fresh, innovative and iconic print and digital assets that reinforce brand trust, instil confidence and convey pride in British heritage whilst celebrating Leica’s pivotal role in projects that have literally changed the landscape in the last 50 years.


After some considered thinking, we came up with the strapline of “50 years getting it right in the UK” which brought their primary brand messaging into the campaign along with a very powerful visual approach displaying images of iconic engineering projects and landscapes that Leica Geosystems have been involved with and changed over the last 50 years. Using a modern and colourful illustrated timeline to show the length of time in the UK and when the projects were completed to engage the target audience with an emotional pull on their own timeline in history and an association such as “What was I doing then? and “I didn’t know Leica were involved with that!”

Once this was finalised, we rolled the treatment across A4 press ads, digital display banners, an emotive video and website.

The campaign and its messaging built trust, instilled confidence and conveyed a message of being proud to be British.


The campaign has been widely received by a global Leica audience and met with positive feedback from the industry. The campaign has injected a sense of pride in it’s employees as well as great exposure for the brand showcasing some of their past successes.

We have worked with About Time since July 2014 and we are really impressed and delighted with the quality of work produced.  Our first big project with them was for our 50 Years campaign involving advert creation, video production and microsite creation and management.  From project planning to execution and monitoring, About Time has provided full creative agency support.  Our 50 years campaign was well thought out, creative, original and we received friendly professional advice and support throughout.  A great campaign with great feedback and we will certainly be using About Time in the future”

Leica Geosystems - Marketing & Communications Manager