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Leica Geosystems

GeoBusiness Exhibition Video - Scanning the BDC

Leica Geosystems is a global company providing geospatial solutions to over 120 countries worldwide. It operates in multiple industries from aerospace and engineering to building and construction, forensics and public safety. With close to 200 years of experience pioneering solutions to measure the world, Leica Geosystems’ products capture, analyse, and present spatial information.


Every year, Leica Geosystems takes the primary spot one at the entrance of the biggest Geospatial exhibitions in the UK with over 2200 visitors from 50 countries.
Our objective was to develop an idea for a video to be played on a 3m x 2m video wall which captured the attention of the audience whilst showing the uses of the clients products.


Again, the considered design cap came out and we got thinking about the amazing building which the exhibition was being held in.

The BDC has a lot of history behind it and of course some amazing architecture, of which needs monitoring and looking after. So, one of the latest products from Leica Geosystems allows the user to put a backpack on and walk through environments whilst scanning and digitising the environment.  What better place to show the use of a product such as this to a live audience at the BDC.
A survey was planned and the client scanned the inside and out of the building using their sophisticated laser scanning equipment.

And now for the clever part.  By taking the raw scans from the client, we placed them within our 3D software and created a workflow which allowed us to overlay these scans to show how the product works in real time.  The results you will see above.  We had to fully understand and digest how the products operate and work to make sure the representation we gave within the video was as close as possible to the real thing.

From creative to storyboard, animation tests, live filming, production and not to forget the 3D animation and motion graphics, we are very proud with the result and to have been involved with such a historic event such as this.


Well as you can imagine, a 3m x 2m video wall is quite imposing so to see the video above playing on the screen and transporting you through the scanning and digitising process with the clients product was very powerful. The client and the audience were talking about the video throughout the exhibition and for weeks after. The video is now being used as part of the sales tools to show capabilities of the products and how they work.