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La Clique

Creative Consultancy, Branding, Artwork, Animation & Video Production

La Clique are a dynamic trio of DJ divas made up of Lisa Chadderton, Sarah Main and Maxine Hardcastle. The ladies play all over the world and have now come together to form La Clique – a series of B2B2B performances offering an exclusively inclusive roaming disco experience, inspired by the decadent pop-up parties of the same name that roamed around Manhattan in the 1970’s.


The ladies came to us with a quick turnaround, BIG brief of whacky ideas that we all digested, chewed on between us all and spat back out as the creative style that you are now seeing. Powerful women, space aliens, third eyes, space ships, storm troopers, flamingos, chimpanzees, you name it, it was in the brief.

Phew… of course it was!!!  We are talking about Ibiza aren’t we!?


Taking references from dance, disco, club culture, its lifestyle and the generally chaotic, hedonistic visuals it generates, whilst mixing a little tongue in cheek chic for good creative measure.  This brand and visual style has been carefully crafted to deliver the crazy, talented and colourful personalities within La Clique.  Add to that the story telling narrative which shows the crazy journey of three powerful female DJs, how they have all, in their own right, made a name for themselves and are now forming this new concept for the island which is going to set the scene alight and bring a new vibe to the party that has not been seen for a long time and there you have it!

We are as excited as they are to see where they take their groove. Watch this space, the cosmic aliens are coming and La Clique is full of disco loving space monsters.

It’s been an absolute dream revealing La Clique Ibiza to you all! We’ve had lots of people comment on the artwork, which we absolutely love! So I would like to show some love to everyone at About Time Creative who designed our logo and artwork. We spoke with the team about our whacky ideas and they created exactly what we envisaged and more! It’s a pleasure to work with such a professional, creative and friendly team. Very excited for what they are working on next for us…..all will be revealed!

Maxine Hardcastle