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Gaming Realms

Promote the X Factor Games website through social videos on Facebook and Youtube pre-rolls.

Gaming Realms develops, publishes and licenses next-generation mobile gaming content. There market-leading mobile technology powers content distribution and monetization across real money and social gaming markets.


Create a show-stopping promotional video to go across Facebook and Youtube pre-rolls for the launch of the new X Factor Games – a range of casino and slot games available on desktop, mobile and tablet!


We began by creating a range of concepts that resembled the excitement of the X Factor show whilst exploring the use of the X Factor assets. We were given a strict set of guidelines to adhere to by Fremantle Media who own the X Factor brand, because of this we decided to explore themes from the guidelines such as the cityscape from the show opening, the stage, and an X Factor world. These concepts were worked up with animation examples and write-ups of our ideas on each one. A chosen route of the X Factor world using guideline assets was taken forward and worked up.

A storyboard was produced that captured the showbiz feel and put a spotlight on the game and the devices it’s played on. The video opening needed impact so we recreated the X landing on the middle of the screen like the show with it leading though to footage of the games in action along with visual references to the catalogue of games gaming realms offer.

The next step was to create rough 3D assets to use in a previs, showing the flow & basic animation of the video. Once approved, we began creating all assets based on the guidelines, starting with the main X-intro which was recreated from scratch in 3D.
Many of the provided 2D assets were also polished and brought into a 3D world to sit well with the ad. The trademark X-Factor silhouettes were shown through camera flashes in a smokey environment, and the tunnel sequence was transformed into an energetic animated 3D tunnel from a still asset.

From there began the continuous improvement of the visuals and animation in line with feedback.

The short nature of the video meant a high tempo was needed to sufficiently showcase the games, site and offers, without compromising on natural and fluid animation.

The whole process was kept easily updatable in case assets would need to be replaced or swapped later in production.

Once the visuals were complete an audio layer was placed over the top, we had a voice over artist record our script pulling out the key propositions and a call to action sending viewers to the website.


Gaming Realms launched the video on the social channels to gain footfall on there website and ultimately convert them to players of their games. So far the video has just under half a million views already!

We recently partnered with About Time to produce a digital advert for one of our flagship brands – This was delivered mainly across our social platforms with just under half million views already! were low stress company and swiftly dealt with our feedback and delivered a brilliant ad. Highly recommend