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Parragon Book Week 30' Sponsorship TVC

One of the most recognised family brands in the world Disney teamed up with About Time to produce a range of sponsorship commercials to run on their Disney channels


Disney Book Week is a retail and marketing campaign which seeks to encourage parents to help children develop a love of reading from an early age, via a retail-wide price promotion on Parragon’s range of Disney Movie Collection storybooks.

About Time got involved to help produce a bespoke sponsorship TVC to help drive the marketing message behind the initiative and inspire a week of reading with Disney Book Week! Helping children create their own Disney Princess or Star Wars bookmarks, take part in story adventures or create their own reading den.


The project started with discussions around the flow of the video and footage. Disney provided us with footage of a range of disney’s new and classic movies including The Lion King and Frozen.

We needed to transform the magical experience of the films to the books to do this we created 3D assets and visual effects that transitioned from the movie to the book. 3D assets were created in Cinema 4D and special effects in After Effects.

Assets created for the job included the book placeholder which showcased the footage and books, the bookshelf which demonstrated the range of books on offer, and the photo frame which cut to live footage of a family enjoying story time. On top of this the obligatory sparkling transitions were added to add that touch of Disney magic.


A bespoke Disney Book Week sponsorship TVC that drove the marketing message behind the initiative. It aired across all Disney channels until June 19, on Disney’s youtube channel and website. The end of the creative was tagged to link directly to a microsite for children to enter a competition. Because of this Disney saw an uplift in both retail sales value and volume.