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Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI)

Innovation paper showing the future of UKs aerospace technology

The ATI is an independent company established as a collaboration between Government and Industry to lead and challenge the UK’s Aerospace technology strategy and through £2 billion of secured R&T investment to maintain and grow the UK’s competitive position.


Create an engaging document that illustrates the raw data given to us in a simple, informative way that could be picked up by people in the industry, in government, or in Academia. The ATI collaborated with Fathom Consulting to macro research every facet of the UKs aerospace industry. They wanted to display the results in a similar style to that of the 2016 Strategy Guide that we produced for them earlier in the year.


This project required a quick turnaround so it was crucial that we had everything ready to go when the copy was fed in to the studio. Knowing this, we made sure the InDesign templates that we created for the Strategy Guide and the imagery were primed beforehand. This allowed us time to be more creative when the copy arrived.

We worked closely with the client throughout the whole process so that no time was wasted. Having the previous experience of collaborating with them for the Strategy Guide meant we already had a good idea of what they would like in terms of layout. On top of this the document was proofed to the client at every stage, an incredibly important working practice when working to tight deadlines. It keeps the client involved whilst allowing us to get real time feedback. It also gives the client a chance to see how the layout works with the copy so that any editing can be actioned by us quickly and efficiently. This collaborative, streamlined approach to the project helped us deliver a quality, informative document in time and on budget.