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Aerospace Technology Institute

Visual Style for the ATI's Headquarters

The ATI is an independent company established as a collaboration between Government and Industry to lead and challenge the UK’s Aerospace technology strategy and through £2 billion of secured R&T investment to maintain and grow the UK’s competitive position.


Create an engaging, innovative visual style for the offices that takes what has already been done with the ATI brand and push it forward. Adding in colour, subtle navigation through the office, and a strengthening of the brand values using messaging.


We started, as we normally do, by going BIG! The offices were a blank slate and we had minimal direction from the ATI initially so we had full rein to dream up the creative.

Initially what we hoped to do for the reception area was to add in a projection screen so we could take visitors on the digital journey of the ATI as soon as they walked in. This proved to be too much for this initial development stage so we stripped back the design, going with a digital wallpaper instead. We still designed the flat graphics with motion in mind though, so the visual movement is still there and the assets used will easily translate to animation if needed in the future.

The second element of the design was to create a Word cloud in the shape of an A350-1000 taking off, using the ATIs core values as the words. What seemed easy from the outset proved to be more difficult than anticipated. It was hard to get the plane to look enough like an aeroplane without being too similar that an engineer could walk in and immediately identify it. We got there in the end though after some back and forth with the client.


What we ended up with was an incredibly strong suite of visuals for the offices and the scope to build upon that powerful graphic design foundation with motion graphics in the future. The way we proofed the visuals helped make sure everyone in the offices were happy which was just as important to us as pleasing the big bosses.

Thank you to About Time for producing some impressive imagery for our offices. They followed our brief, took on board our comments and feedback, interpreted and expanded our brand with some stunning and unique visuals for use in both our offices and at events. Always a pleasure working with you guys.

Ann Dysiewicz - Aerospace Technology Institute