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Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI)

Insight White paper for the aerospace industry and academia

The ATI is an independent company established as a collaboration between Government and Industry to lead and challenge the UK’s Aerospace technology strategy and, through £2 billion of secured R&T investment, to maintain and grow the UK’s competitive position.


The ATI came to us with a brief to create an engaging monthly white paper for them to release through 2017. Aimed at everyone within the industry from CEOs to students. They needed a catchy , thought-provoking title for the publication as well as engaging, user-friendly layouts with easy to digest data and infographics. The slate was blank but they’d highlighted Roland Bergers ‘Think Act’ white papers as an example of the kind of publication that they wanted to achieve.


We started the project by brainstorming names to pitch to the team at ATI. The name, not only being the entry point for the consumers, was also the first building block for the brand, get that right and we could start constructing assets around it.

We pitched about 30 different titles and by collaborating with the ATI we managed to find the perfect one; ‘INSIGHT’ – it works on many different levels and gave us a great steer on design. The client wanted the look to be detached from the main ATI brand but not too far that it wasn’t recognisable as being in the family, a tricky thing to do. As with most projects, we started big and allowed the client the opportunity to scale it back until it was perfect.

The logo we created was flexible enough that we could take parts of it to build separate assets to use in the layout reminiscent of the ATI brand guidelines. The next challenge was making the content work within the layout. For something that was always going to be copy-heavy we tried to maintain a balance of infographics, whitespace, and imagery so it was as user-friendly as possible, possibly the most difficult aspect of the project but one made easier through the constant collaboration of ideas with the ATI.


Together, About Time and The ATI created the template for a monthly white paper that will roll out throughout 2017, starting in February. Each month will have a different big-picture idea that gets discussed and broken down in to delicious, informative chunks for the Industry and Academia to feast on. We created a strong vehicle for the information to be carried and we are confident it will resonate with the end users.

Great work, looks fantastic!

Head of Communications.