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Will’s Weekly Blog #3

It's week three of Will's blog and his first week in Ibiza. The adventure has officially begun.

If it was possible to be out of breath from a busy week, then I’d be puffing out my backside right about now. Within five days of the plane’s wheels touching the tarmac I’ve worked at two jobs, been to four restaurants, seen three sunsets and met one world famous DJ.

My first ever night on the island is one I will cherish forever, as Tina took me to Café Mambo to watch the world-renowned Ibizan sunset. I don’t know what kind of coffee the people here are drinking, but Mambo wasn’t quite like the café’s back home.

As the Balearic sun’s colours bled across the evening sky like a split egg yolk, there was an overwhelming sense of community surrounding me. Whether you were a tourist, a local, or a bartender, when that sun dipped away over the horizon signifying the end of another day, you couldn’t help but applaud its beauty.

And let me tell you, people were right to celebrate the beginning of the night, as that’s when it really started kicking off.

No sooner had the sun gone down, the scene erupted with the sound of DJ Alex P’s house beats filling the air. During Alex’s fantastic set, Martin Halo – an island legend that everyone seems to know – invited me into Mambo to meet the DJ and before I could ask any questions, I was stood behind the decks getting photos with him.

I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to the island.

The next day was my first at the HUB working with Lisa for About Time Ibiza, and we got straight into it. She was so welcoming and we both sat for a couple of hours discussing and planning our strategy for the coming months across my internship.

Lisa explained that developing and managing a social media framework, schedule and activity matrix for About Time Ibiza was my primary focus. As a part of this, we also identified other ways that we could enhance our social media profile, such as setting up a new dedicated About Time Ibiza Instagram page.

The Instagram account is something that I will take a particular interest in over the summer as I see it as a fantastic platform for growth in a place like Ibiza, as no matter what direction you point your camera in, you’ll capture something special.

This week I’ve been putting together a proposal as to why I think Instagram is something we should focus on as well as some concept themes that we could use to help build a feed that acts as a digital billboard for the company. This is something that Lisa has welcomed with open arms and has given me the freedom to go where I want with.

I was definitely thrown in at the deep end, but I like to think I showed I could swim as Lisa and I made a huge amount of progress with the framework over the three days I worked.

And what better way to celebrate a successful first week than for Lisa and I to go out for dinner with Tina, her friend Cindy, and Moosa, a family friend and owner of Moos Salad, the company I will be working for to earn some money over the summer.

We all went to La Paloma, an island favourite located in the stunning San Lorenzo countryside, and enjoyed a fantastic meal with lots of great conversation and laughter. The relaxing environment offered the perfect juxtaposition to the brilliantly fast paced week I’d had. It was lovely.

This is probably a great place to close this blog post, as our meal out offers a clear and appropriate resolution point. But I’m sorry, I can’t leave without mentioning Pikes. It has nothing to do with my internship, but come on, this place was mad.

I would honestly believe you if you told me that Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland following a weekend at Pikes hotel. As Tina was staying there for the week to see me off, I was lucky enough to go and experience this legendary place, and I loved it. At the risk of this blog turning into a Trip Advisor review, I’d say instead look this place up or even better check in, you won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t.

Week one, you’ve been amazing. Bring on week two. Stay tuned.